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Warehouse Construction

Warehouse Construction By WS Construction

It can be difficult to find qualified warehouse construction companies when you need them. WS Construction is a leader of warehouse construction in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We are experienced in a variety of warehouse construction designs and warehouse construction methods.

If you have pending warehouse construction projects and need a hand, we can help. We can provide a construction management team or a team of professional general contractors t o get the job done right.

Types Of Warehouse Construction

Clark Farms Storage Warehouse

We offer high quality work. We are fluent in steel frame building construction as well as a variety of other warehouse construction types.

What Is Steel Frame Construction?

Steel Frame Construction is a building technique that incorporates a skeleton frame (steel structure) composed of steel columns and horizontal I-beams. This technique constructs a rectangular grid that supports the roof, floors and walls of the building.

Steel Buildings are great for warehouse construction designs as they’re typically stronger and more durable than traditional wood frame or concrete alternatives.

Warehouse Construction Services

Let our experienced team of warehouse builders and construction management professionals figure out your intricate warehouse construction details. Leave it to us to formulate a successful warehouse construction plan.

From warehouse construction costs to project timeframes. Trust us, we’re experienced and know how to build a warehouse. Our warehouse construction management services are a great way to make sure that your project is constructed within budget and is finished on time.

Warehouse Construction Projects

CHS Worthing Building & Warehouse Construction

WS Construction built the Clark Farms storage warehouse in Howard, South Dakota. This 17,000 Square Foot steel framed building consisted of a 20’ eave height and a 2/12 roof pitch. The clients were extremely happy with their new warehouse space.

Warehouse Design & Construction Photos

Starting To Build The Clark Farms Storage Warehouse

More Clark Farms Storage Warehouse Construction Progress

Siding Going Up On The Clark Farms Storage Warehouse

Close To Completion At The Clark Farms Storage Warehouse

Inside The Clark Farms Storage Warehouse

The Clark Farms Storage Warehouse

CHS Worthing Building & Warehouse Construction Progress

CHS Worthing Building & Warehouse Is Coming Along Nicely

CHS Worthing Building & Warehouse Construction Projects Completed.

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