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Whether you are new to the agricultural industry, or consider yourself a sophisticatedly seasoned, agricultural client, WS Construction’s agricultural building services are tailored to satisfy and benefit all of your needs.


WS Construction enhances the clients’ vision and ensures that the property is perfectly engineered for their specific agricultural needs.

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Ag Building Services across the Midwestern United States

Sioux Falls Agricultural Construction

Perhaps you need a building that provides your crops and grains with the right amount of storage, air and humidity.


Other agricultural buildings that we can build include livestock facilities, equipment and storage barns, arenas and feedlots, plus many more.


WS Construction will add value to any ag building project by providing the resources that sustain the quality, cost, schedule, scope and risk involved in achieving our client’s objectives.

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    Hendrix Genetics - Hybrid

    Leola, SD

    Genetic Specific Facilities - Egg product production

  • 20190423_104330.jpg

    Vogel Farms

    Onaka, SD

    Farm Shop and storage building

  • 20190423_104330.jpg

    CHS Worthing Building & Warehouse

    Worthing, SD

    Liquid fertilizer facility and warehouse

  • 20190423_104330.jpg

    Dakota Layers Pond Building

    Flandreau, SD

    Pond Building: 60' x 180' / 10,800 sq ft

  • 20190423_104330.jpg

    Dakota Layers Manure Shed Demolition and Rebuild

    Flandreau, SD

    Manure Shed Rebuild: 58' 6'' x 70' 3'' x 16' / 64,960 sq ft

  • 20190423_104330.jpg

    Dakota Layers Dry Storage Addition

    Flandreua, SD

    Dry Storage Building: 6,750 sq ft Dry Storage Addition, 1,020 sq ft Loading Dock

  • 20190423_104330.jpg

    Dakota Layers Bio Barn Addition & Remodel

    Flandreau, SD

    Bio Barn: 36' x 62' Bio Barn Addition, 24' x 52' Existing Bio Barn

  • 20190423_104330.jpg

    Poinsett Colony Finisher and Nursery

    Estelline, SD

    Finisher and Nursery: 67,620 sq ft Finisher, 25,897 sq ft Nursery, 4,815 sq ft Load-out and Mechanical Space, 3,203 sq ft Office

  • 20190423_104330.jpg

    Spring Lake Colony Turkey Finisher

    Arlington, SD

    650' x 75' x 11', 48,750 sq ft Tunnel Ventilated Turkey Finisher

  • 20190423_104330.jpg

    Peters Pole Building

    Hartford, SD

    Maintenance Shop: 60' x 70', 4,200 sq ft Post Frame Building

  • 20190423_104330.jpg

    Hillside Colony Chicken Barn

    Sweetgrass, MT 59484

    Layer and Pullet Barn: 64,782 sq ft SIPS Framed Building

  • 20190423_104330.jpg

    Milford Colony Aviary and Pullet Barn

    Wolf Creek, MT

    Chicken Barn: 45,728 sq ft SIPS Framed Building


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