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Office Construction Projects by WS Construction

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Office Construction Projects By WS Construction

Office building construction can become a tedious project. There are lots of specifications and preferences that need to be addressed to conform to a company's needs and wants. Because of this, no two office building designs are exactly alike.

Pictured above is Wolsey Fire Protection’ | Fire Station & Office HQ

These large scale projects are usually challenging. It can be a struggle to find a building contractor or construction management group experienced in a variety of construction practices.

As an experienced construction professional, WS construction provides knowledgeable contractors and construction management professionals. Our team is confident and able to complete any office construction project that comes our way.

WS Construction | Office Design And Construction

WS Construction is an industry leader when it comes to office construction projects. We have the means to facilitate your office project plan build from start to finish. We can help you develop a unique office design. We can also manage the office construction process, schedule and budget from start to finish.

We discuss office construction costs early on to make sure everything fits into the budget. We can discuss the average costs per square foot and the overall cost to build your office building.

After figuring out the construction cost for the office building, we then develop an office construction plan. This will allow us to factor in what needs to be done with the office construction schedule.

Office Construction Design

Pictured Above is Dakota Carriers Repair Shop in Sioux Falls, SD - 17,600 sq ft Repair Shop and Office Building

WS construction has worked on a variety of office building projects. Everything from industrial office buildings, commercial office buildings and agriculture office buildings. Whether it's office building construction management or ground up office building construction, we can handle it all.

Office Construction Jobs

WS construction is a professional building contractor and construction management company based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

We work in a variety of industries and provide commercial construction, structural construction, industrial construction and agriculture building construction services. We have seen it all from concrete, steel and wood frame to post frame and pre engineered metal buildings. Rest assured that our professional office builders are equipped to get the job done.

WS Construction worked on the New Standard US, Inc warehouse and office construction project. This office building construction project included an 8040 square foot warehouse and office facility located in North Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

New Standard Office Building Under Construction

New Standard Office Building Construction

The New Standard US, Inc office construction project plan design consisted of an 8,040 square foot metal building. The project schedule included their office space and their newly constructed warehouse. This office project needed adequate office space, employee bathrooms and warehouse storage areas.

Our professional building contractors and construction management team made sure that this office building was completed on time. Needless to say that New Standard was extremely happy with their new office facility.

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