WS Construction specializes in many different types of building methods such as steel frame or metal buildings, wood frame buildings, post frame buildings and concrete structures. We work in fields including Industrial Building, Commercial Building, Agricultural Building and Aviation Building. WS Construction is a growing construction company that is willing to step out of the box and take on new ventures. We would love the chance to earn your business!

General Contracting

When you select WS Construction as your General Contractor, you will have a performance contract with us that states that all risks involved with the means and methods of the construction ranging from a project proposal to preconstruction services to the on site management services are that of WS Construction. Some examples of our services of a building contractor and construction company outlined in the contract are; cost estimating, scheduling, design review, designation of a superintendent and plans for the management of the entire project. We can handle the entire project from start to finish or just certain parts of a project. Other services our construction company offers include in addition to industrial construction, commercial construction and structural construction are:

  • Construction Loan Monitoring

  • Construction Administration

  • Construction Counseling

  • On-Site Owner Representation

  • On-Site Construction Management

  • Pre-Construction Management

Agency Construction Management

With Agency Construction Management, the Construction Manager (CM), assumes the position of professional advisor or extension of staff to the Owner. It is a fee based service in which a CM acts in the owners best interest throughout each stage of the project. The Owner handles the contracts, while certain cost and performance risk is placed on the contractors. An agency CM does not contract with subcontractors. In these cases, the CM is in a position to offer advice unencumbered by any interests other than those of the Owner and the project. The term agency infers, as is intended, a delegation of function to the CM by the Owner. As a consequence, it is possible that certain tasks and responsibilities place the CM in a legal agent relationship with the Owner. This makes it necessary for openness and trust between the CM and the project Owner.

Construction Services and General Contracting

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