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Department of Transportation Construction Projects

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Transportation building projects are generally complex and require high levels of construction management and experience.

DOT buildings are often large scale projects contracted by governmental agencies, requiring the builder to meet even more regulatory specifications.

Department Of Transportation Construction Projects

15,732 sq ft Precast Repair Shop Addition and

Renovation of Existing, 14,321 Shop Space

In addition, one size does not fit all, and each transportation building project is specific and unique in their own ways. A building for a truck & bus maintenance facility differs from a cold storage warehouse.

Some facilities require steel construction while others are made from concrete.

Codes and regulations are in place with each and every commercial construction project that requires builders to adhere to local guidelines.

DOT Transportation facilities are each unique and the challenges are endless, but with WS Construction, so are the solutions. Click the Projects page link to view and read more about our past DOT Building Projects.

WS Construction DOT Construction Projects

Maintenance Shop and Addition: 60' x 195', 11,700 sq ft Metal Building

At WS Construction we take pride in being one of the leading DOT building contractors in the USA.. Our team of construction professionals and expert general contractors have many years of experience under their belt. We are confident that we can facilitate any transportation design and construction needs.

We provide industrial construction services in the Midwestern United States. We have built numerous DOT buildings and look forward to additional DOT construction jobs in the future.

DOT Construction Projects

We specialize in government building construction and have successfully completed multiple Department Of Transportation construction projects including DOT cold storage buildings & DOT repair shops.

Specific federal construction projects included the Mitchell Department of Transportation Repair Shop and the Aberdeen Department of Transportation building.

Department Of Transportation Building (Repair Shop)

The Mitchell Department of Transportation shop was built in 2019. This DOT shop was approximately 15,732 square feet. Roughly 14,000 square feet of this DOT building was a remodel project and the rest was completely new construction. The building was completed and came out perfectly.

DOT Maintenance Shop: 15,732 sq ft Precast Repair Shop Addition and Renovation of Existing, 14,321 Shop Space

Cold Storage Building Construction

The Aberdeen DOT cold storage building was a 50’ x 160’, 8,000 square foot construction project built by WS construction. We added structural elements like all weather insulated panels (awip) on the roof and walls. This cold storage construction was completed on time and came out to the clients specifications.

DOT Construction Services

All of our DOT Construction projects finish on time and meet our customers' needs. If you’re planning to build a Department of Transportation building, WS Construction is the right general contractor for the project.

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