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Hendrix Genetics - Hybrid

Leola, SD

Genetic Specific Facilities - Egg product production

SDOT Highmore

Highmore, SD

Office and Maintenance Shop

Vogel Farms

Onaka, SD

Farm Shop and storage building

CHS Worthing Building & Warehouse

Worthing, SD

Liquid fertilizer facility and warehouse

WS Construction Office

Sioux Falls, SD

Office Building / Shop Area

Hamlin School New Addition

Hayti, SD

School Addition: 16,870 sq ft

Dickinson County Maintenance Shop

Milford, IA

Maintenance Shop: Main Level 17,400, Storage Level 881

Dakota Layers Pond Building

Flandreau, SD

Pond Building: 60' x 180' / 10,800 sq ft

Dakota Layers Manure Shed Demolition and Rebuild

Flandreau, SD

Manure Shed Rebuild: 58' 6'' x 70' 3'' x 16' / 64,960 sq ft

Dakota Layers Dry Storage Addition

Flandreua, SD

Dry Storage Building: 6,750 sq ft Dry Storage Addition, 1,020 sq ft Loading Dock

Dakota Layers Bio Barn Addition & Remodel

Flandreau, SD

Bio Barn: 36' x 62' Bio Barn Addition, 24' x 52' Existing Bio Barn

Poinsett Colony Finisher and Nursery

Estelline, SD

Finisher and Nursery: 67,620 sq ft Finisher, 25,897 sq ft Nursery, 4,815 sq ft Load-out and Mechanical Space, 3,203 sq ft Office

Spring Lake Colony Turkey Finisher

Arlington, SD

650' x 75' x 11', 48,750 sq ft Tunnel Ventilated Turkey Finisher

Nordby Exhibit Hall

Huron, SD

Exhibit Hall for 4H, Youth and Community: 135' x 225', 30,375 sq ft Metal Building

SD DOT Maintenance Shop Remodel and Addition

Salem, SD

Maintenance Shop and Addition: 60' x 195', 11,700 sq ft Metal Building

Dakota Metals

Beresford, SD

Shop and Office Building: 90' x 416', 37,440 sq ft Industrial Building and Office Space

SDSU Swine Research Facility

Brookings, SD

Swine Unit Renovation and Addition: 17,000 sq ft Sow Teaching and Research Building, 16,300 sq ft Wean to Finish Research Building, SIPS Framing

Peters Pole Building

Hartford, SD

Maintenance Shop: 60' x 70', 4,200 sq ft Post Frame Building

Prairie Hills Transit

Spearfish, SD

Re-Roof and Panel Replacement: 30,056 sq ft

Sanford Sports Complex Restroom and Site Improvements

Sioux Falls, SD

Sports Complex and Site Improvements: Restroom Building and two Picnic Shelters 3,078 sq ft

SF Water Reclamation Facility/Equipment Storage

Sioux Falls, SD

Equipment Storage Building & Water Reclamation Facility: 170' x 60', 10,200 sq ft Steel Building

Wolsey Fire Hall

Wolsey, SD

New Fire Hall Building: 80' x 100' sq ft Wood Frame Fire Hall, 27' x 80' sq ft will be Office/Meeting Room

Hillside Colony Chicken Barn

Sweetgrass, MT 59484

Layer and Pullet Barn: 64,782 sq ft SIPS Framed Building

Milford Colony Aviary and Pullet Barn

Wolf Creek, MT

Chicken Barn: 45,728 sq ft SIPS Framed Building

White Lake Shool

White Lake, SD

School Building: 37,188 sq ft Metal Building

New Standard Holdings

Sioux Falls, SD

New Office and Warehouse: 60 x 134 x 20, 8,040 sq ft Metal Building

First Dakota Bank Remodel

Sioux Falls, SD

Third Floor Bank Remodel: 1,350 sq ft

Irene-Wakonda Elementary

Wakonda, SD

School Addition: 2,876 sq ft Single Story Addition to the Existing Wakonda School Building

Hanson School Addition

Alexandria, SD

School Addition: 14,042 sq ft Single-Story Classroom Addition, 2,371 sq ft Courtyard Remodel

Southeastern Electric Co-op

Salem, SD

Warehouse/Shop Facility: 70' X 120' / 8,400 sq ft Metal Building

Clark Farms

Howard, SD

Steel Framed Building: 17,000 sq ft / 100' x 170' Steel Framed Building with 20' Eave Height, 2/12 Roof Pitch

Forest River Feed Mill

Fordville, ND

Feed Mill Building: 125' x 114 Steel Building

Niobrara NDOR Maintenance Facility

Niobrara, NE

Maintenance Facility and Office: 8,473 sq ft Maintenance Facility, 2,324 sq ft Office Space

Ransom Church / West Campus

Sioux Falls, SD

New Church Building: 15,000 Metal Building with Partial 2nd Floor

Aberdeen DOT Cold Storage Building

Aberdeen, SD

Cold Storage Steel Building Addition: 8,000 sq ft Steel Building

Elk Creek Sow Barn

Augusta, MT

Sow Barn Addition: 35,908 sq ft Addition to Sow Barn

Fordham Colony Shop Addition

Carpenter, SD

Shop Addition: 140' X 200' Pre-Cast Concrete with Steel Roof

Dakota Carriers Repair Shop

Sioux Falls, SD

Repair Shop and Office Building: 17,600 sq ft REMB Repair Shop w/ Double Wash Bay, 5,600 sq ft Office Building

Mitchell DOT Maintenance Shop

Mitchell, SD

DOT Maintenance Shop: 15,732 sq ft Precast Repair Shop Addition and Renovation of Existing, 14,321 Shop Space

Newport Colony Chicken Layer Barn

Claremont, SD

Chicken Layer Barn: 96,199 sq ft of Layer Barn with Processing Room and Manure Shed


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