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Irene-Wakonda Elementary

These days, more than ever educators are challenged with balancing cost restrictions with the demand for quality learning environments. This is driving them to ask for guidance to make the best decisions possible for their educational facility.

Learning centers and educational facilities face the challenges of rapidly evolving tools and resources that are imperative to their facilities' success. Education construction contractors are now tasked with innovating the construction of K-12 schools & college campuses to meet the needs of tomorrow.

School Construction Company

WS Construction is a school construction company located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We specialize in school construction & school construction management.

We offer years of construction industry experience from hands-on work with various school building construction projects. WS Construction will finish a construction project to the clients specifications, on time and within budget.

Our experienced contractors have worked on a variety of school construction jobs. We’re confident that we can develop a custom school construction project plan for your education facility to thrive.

We pride ourselves in building excellent schools, providing school renovations, school additions and customized school construction design builds.

School Construction Management

Whether it’s a public grade school or a private university campus, WS Construction provides a helpful school construction management program. Our project management team can help you develop a detailed school construction plan.

Navigate school construction costs while making sure the project stays within the school construction budget. If you are interested in a construction company that excels in building schools, you have come to the right place.

Our school construction consultants are fluent in building elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and a variety of other educational institutions.

Building A School

Whether it's private school or public school, when it comes to school construction there are lots of moving parts. Classrooms, art studios, theatres, laboratories and even dining areas are constantly being reimagined and innovated to optimize the learning environment.

WS Construction has worked with plenty of schools and education facilities to provide:

  • Gymnasiums

  • Basketball Courts

  • Locker Rooms

  • Classrooms

  • Laboratories

  • Kitchens

  • Office Space

  • Conference Rooms / Meeting Rooms

We are dedicated to detail. Our use of innovative technology, resources & knowledgeable workers allows us to stay on schedule and within budget. Our experienced education construction team will deliver a state of the art learning environment customized to your specifications.

School Construction Projects:

Irene-Wakonda Elementary

Irene-Wakonda Elementary Construction Progress

construction Supplies & Equipment at Irene-Wakonda Elementary

Here is a look at the school addition that we performed for the Irene-Wakonda Elementary School. This addition included a library extension, new locker rooms, and a conference room and trophy room for the school.

New Construction At Irene-Wakonda Elementary

Irene-Wakonda Elementary School Addition | Interior Construction Progress

New Restrooms At Irene-Wakonda Elementary School

New Locker Room Installed At The Irene-Wakonda Elementary School

Newly Installed Trophy Room

Newly Built Basketball Court/Gymnasium At Irene-Wakonda Elementary

Check out the new science lab. WS Construction was the general construction contractor for the Hanson Middle & High School addition project in Alexandria, South Dakota.

The Hanson School Addition

New Science Lab At The Hanson School

Hanson School Addition Progress

Weight Room Installed During The Hanson School Addition

Newly Installed Teachers Lounge | Hanson School Addition

Newly Built Conference Room | Hanson School Addition

New Kitchen In The Teachers Lounge | Hanson School Addition

This is the completed work on the Hanson Middle & High School addition project in Alexandria, South Dakota. This project was close to being finished almost two months early from our initial completion date making our clients extremely happy.

Hanson School Near Completion

Hanson School Near Completion

Below you can see WS construction’s beginning stages of the White Lake School project. This will end up being a 37,188 square foot metal building

Beginning Construction On The White Lake School

Progress At White Lake School

WS Construction added the roof to the gym along with bar joists to the White Lake School construction project.

Gym Roof Added With Bar Joists | White Lake School

Columns and beams are set along with the bar joists for the White Lake School project.

White Lake School Construction Project

WS Construction poured the gym floor and the windows are set to go in. The White Lake School project is coming along nicely.

New Windows Installed | White Lake School

White Lake School Project Progress

Check out the outside/exterior EIFS finish on the White Lake School. We framed the school with steel stud walls and really started gaining traction.

School Framing Completed At White Lake School

Lockers Added At White Lake School

Class Room Progress | White Lake School

Classroom Progress At White Lake School

This is a look at the rest of the White Lake School construction project near completion.

Classrooms Near Completion At White Lake School

Sink & Cabinets Installed At White Lake School

New Kitchen Equipment Installed | White Lake School

Hallway Trophy Cases | White Lake School

New Bathrooms At White Lake School

New Bathroom Sink Area At White Lake School

Newly Installed Locker Room At White Lake School

New Basketball Court/Gymnasium At White Lake School

Exterior Progress At White Lake School

White Lake School

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