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Turkey Barn Construction

Turkey Barn Construction By WS Construction

WS Construction specializes in agricultural building construction and much more. Working with steel, concrete, wood frame, post frame and pre engineered metal buildings, we have the knowledge and ability to fulfill almost any ag construction project imaginable.

Are You A Turkey Farmer Or Thinking Of Starting A Turkey Farm?

If you are thinking of building a turkey farm it's imperative to choose a turkey barn construction company that has the knowledge and ability to make your vision come to life.

WS Construction is one of the best professional turkey barn builders in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We’ve worked on a variety of turkey barn projects and other ag construction jobs to be able to provide our clients with the best professional grade turkey barns available.

Brood Grow Hen Barns & Shower/Storage Buildings

WS Construction worked with Hendrix Genetics out in Ipswich, South Dakota. Each site contains a series of barns including Brood/Grow Hen Barns, Brood Grow Tom Barns and Shower/Storage Buildings.

Hendrix Genetics Turkey Barns Being Built

Hendrix Genetics Turkey Barns

Hendrix Genetics Turkey Barns Progress

Hendrix Genetics Turkey Barns

Breeding Stock Barns

Here WS Construction was working in Ipswich, South Dakota on not one, but two Hendrix Genetics turkey barn sites. These barns are a little different than the usual barns we build as these barns are designed for raising breeding stock for genetics and value creation.

Hendrix Genetics Turkey Barn Under Construction

Hendrix Genetics Turkey Barn

Hendrix Genetics Turkey Barns

Hendrix Genetics Turkey Barn Construction

Turkey Starter Barn

Here are some images of the walls going up as we got ready to start setting trusses out in Rosholt, South Dakota. This was for a 13,494 square foot addition to a Turkey Starter Barn.


As a leader in the Sioux Falls building contractor market, WS Construction specializes in many different areas. We work primarily in commercial construction, structural construction, industrial construction and agricultural building.

The team we have built here at WS has many combined years of experience in all different fields of construction and construction management. We provide on site project management for all kinds of projects in the Sioux Falls and surrounding areas.

We would love to help you or someone you know that may need some help with construction needs in the future. Give us a call at 605.275.9726 today!

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