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“Set the standard for excellence in the construction management field by adding value to construction projects with honorable, reliable, and cost-effective services."

WS Construction Management provides a professional service to our clients regarding the organization of effort, development of a management plan, monitoring the progress against the plan, and identifying the actions to be taken in the event of deviance from the plan while providing expert advice in support of the client's decisions in the implementation of a construction project.

List of Project Experience:

  • SD-DOT Salem-Office/Maint. Bldg
  • Zacharias Construction Office
  • Dakota Metals
  • Wolsey Fire Hall
  • Celebrate Church Remodel
  • Dickinson Co Maint Building-Milford IA
  • SDSU Hog Finisher Barns
  • Nordby 4H Exhibit Hall
  • Pearl Creek Hog Finisher
  • Midwest Tropicals
  • SD DOT Highmore-Office/Maint. Bldg
  • Cameron Colony Farrowing Barn
  • Rolland Hog Finisher
  • Oban Construction Shop
  • Oak Lane Finisher Barn
  • Hillside Colony Finisher Barn
  • Red Willow Hog Finisher
  • North Central Farmers Elevator Agronomy Center
  • Elk Creek Colony Hog Barn
  • Pembrook Turkey Finisher
  • Willowbank Storage Building
  • Xcel Energy Vehicle Storage
  • USD Architectural Fencing
  • Union Plaza/Hyatt Parking Garage
  • Aberdeen Treatment Facility
  • Sioux Falls Surgical Center
  • Lake Kampeska Lift Station
  • Aberdeen Water Supply
  • Milbank Pump Station
  • Milbank Waste Water Treatment
  • Union Plaza Residential Tower
  • North Colorado Medical Center
  • MKT Trucking on East Benson
  • 41st Street Wirless World
  • Brookings Quizno's

"I started WS Construction Management because I wanted to make sure you didn't get taken advantage of. We want to guide you through the process of your construction project. We will make your construction project as enjoyable as possible."

- Eric Ward


I hired WS Construction to build a group of storage buildings this past year and the process went very smooth. I really didn’t have to do anything, once I had my finances in line, Eric took care of the rest. It was a very enjoyable project and I will certainly hire them to do all of my construction needs.
  • WS Construction Management
  • 200 N. Ebenezer Ave.
  • Sioux Falls, SD 57107
  • (605) 275-9726
  • eric@wsconstructionmanagement.com